Boiler Spares

boiler sparesBoiler Engineers are the ones to call when a boiler needs fixing. There can be a number of things wrong and a good engineer can pinpoint the problem and apply the correct solution. If all the boiler needs is a spare part, there are various parts available depending on the issue.

Boiler Spares

Boiler spares replace the original parts once they have stopped functioning correctly. The diverter/zone valves direct the heated water to the specified area where the water will be utilized, the printed circuit board makes all the parts work together, the pump transports the hot water from the boiler, the fan circulates the air in the boiler for the effect of combustion, the gas valve determines how much gas goes to the burner, the overheat thermostat monitors the heat in the boiler, the automatic air vent ventilates the boiler, the pressure relief valve keeps the pressure from becoming dangerous, the thermocouple keeps gas from leaking should the pilot light go out, and the ignition starts the pilot light.

Keeping The Boiler in Good Condition

The best thing to do to keep the boiler in good condition is to keep an eye on it and the parts. Look for signs of wear and tear. Pay attention to boiler sounds, as they can be an indication that something is not functioning properly, and have the boiler checked on a regular basis by a professional. Boiler spares can be a life saver when they are working in good order. They make the difference between cleaning thoroughly and living in comfort.

If the boiler gets to the point where it can’t be fixed or if it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one, there are many service dealers for boilers and different lines of boiler types.

For more information please visit us at boiler spares.


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