Boiler Parts

1Your water heater goes out and you check and you are in need of certain boiler parts. What do you do next? You can always contact someone to see if they can fix the water heater or you can locate the boiler parts yourself and try to be the handy person you know that you’re not.

Where to get Boiler Parts

Before you go out searching for boiler spare parts, you should have a basic understanding of what type of boiler you have. You should also find out what parts would need replacing so that you are not taken advantage of when going out to any company. For example you need to know what an expansion tank is or mixing valve or even a draft hood. An expansion tank is located right above the pressure gauge and it handles the system pressure. The mixing valve has different ways to handle the temperature and finally the draft hood is deals with the exhaust and is more referenced with a gas burning boiler. It is extremely important to understand how all the parts work and the signs of it not working. You can purchase these parts online or from any hardware store. It would be suggested to have a manual detailing every part, where they are located and how they operate.

This is just an example of some of the different parts located on the boiler. You are responsible to understanding what the parts do and all the various parts there are. Or you could just simply hire someone to do it for and just get an understanding so that you know you’re not getting ripped off.


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